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An Oasis of Calm in a Hectic World ...

That's how customers describe Phoenix and Dragon Bookstore, Atlanta's premiere independent book and gift store and one of the largest stores specializing in metaphysical products in the U.S.

Upcoming Events

Rock, Roll ’n Read!

Our book buyer, Rachel will celebrate her 25th birthday (who knows for how many times) by offering a special price on our Rock & Roll collection of books. Each at an exclusive 25% off for the entire month of July. Climb a Stairway to Heaven, Put Another Brick in the Wall, and read a Rock and Roll biography this month. Learn how the musicians' spiritual journeys impacted their music.

For a $10 donation, enter to win a very special collector’s edition Boy George bio-photography book ~ limited and numbered! Proceeds to benefit Lost n Found Youth, Atlanta's only non-profit organization dedicated to helping LGBTQ youth off the street and into more permanent housing.

Welcome to Phoenix and Dragon Bookstore
A leader in the spirituality, wellness and conscious living community.


From the moment you enter the foyer of our Roswell Road location, you are entering another world. The melodic tinkling of chimes merges with the gurgling of fountains and the soothing sounds of new age or world music. Facing the entrance is a magnificent mantle, beautifully painted with natural imagery; colorful displays of greeting cards beckon you deeper into a wondrous world of statues, candles, incense, crystals, books, music and gifts.

All of our merchandise serves the common purpose of nurturing the mind, body and soul.