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Welcome to Phoenix and Dragon Bookstore News
A leader in the spirituality, wellness and conscious living community.


Beyond the Fog with Ray Ortiz


Lunar Eclipse 4 Aries 40
September 27, 2015 at 10:50 pm to March 23, 2016

By Jackie Millspaugh, pmafa
Phoenix and Dragon 404-255-5207

This Lunar Eclipse Super New Moon is extremely powerful and intense. It is in effect until the next Lunar Eclipse on March 23, 2016. As an astrologer doing predictive work for my clients, I consider the eclipses as being extremely important in producing events, changes and new beginnings. They show the big picture for your coming six month period. Read More!





Sacred Fire Foundation Community Group Presents:
Ancient Wisdom Rising

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By Medium and Best-Selling Author


I find myself inevitably walking through airports all over the world. As you are aware traveling is never easy on the body or the mind for that matter. I find the more I let it bother me, the worse the experience. About a year ago I watched a movie entitled "Up In The Air" starring George Clooney. The theme of this movie is how this man lives in the air, traveling from airport to airport. He does it so often he has a system down. He can get through security in a flash and can recognize passengers who will be holding up the line because they are not "prepared." He even knows all the air crews and TSA guards in the airports.


I was chuckling throughout the movie, because I am like that man flying in the air knowing TSA personnel, air staff and exactly what you can and cannot wear and pack. It's familiar, what can I say? ...Read More




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Mark Darwak
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Sisters to celebrate significant milestones with mutual acquaintance


ATLANTA, GA, January 3, 2012 – Phoenix and Dragon Bookstore, an independent Atlanta retail store specializing in books and gifts celebrating the human spirit, launches its year-long 25th anniversary celebration by holding a drum circle at the Roswell Road NE store on Tuesday, January 10, 2012  at 7:00pm. The drum circle will be hosted by the internationally recognized New York based company, Woodstock Chimes®, makers of musically tuned windchimes and musical instruments. Woodstock Chimes is a longtime Phoenix and Dragon vendor, with their wide array of gift products. At the end of the drum circle, participants will have the chance to win one of two door prizes, a Remo Konga Drum and a Remo Gathering Drum. Woodstock Chimes’ Executive Vice President, Stacey Bowers, a professional musician, will be at Phoenix and Dragon Bookstore to lead the drum circle.


“We’re thrilled to welcome the Atlanta area to Phoenix and Dragon for this special occasion” said Candace “Candy” Apple, founder and owner of Phoenix and Dragon Bookstore. “Woodstock Chimes has been one of our most popular product lines throughout our 25 years in business. They offer several products with the body and spirit in mind” continued Apple. “Having known Stacey for years, through AmericasMart, it’s an honor to have him lead this special event.”

While the Phoenix and Dragon and Woodstock Chimes connection goes back several years, it was recently discovered the personal connection between the two companies pre-dates both businesses. In the late 1970s, Woodstock Chimes founder and owner, Garry Kvistad, and Bowers were Assistant Professors and Artists in Residence at the College Conservatory of Music at the University of Cincinnati. Both taught Candace’s sister, Taffy Apple, a 1982 Conservatory graduate. “Several years ago while helping at the store, Taffy read a Woodstock Chimes hangtag and immediately knew why their quality and tuning was so superior, due to Garry being a professional musician” said Candace.


While Bowers and Candace Apple have worked together for years, it wasn’t until this past summer that Candace told Bowers that her sister, Taffy, was taught by Kvistad. Candace was shocked when Bowers said he was also a Conservatory professor and had Taffy as a student. Bowers said “Taffy always said she had a sister named ‘Candy Apple’, but I never made the connection.” A phone call between the former professor and student soon followed as the two reconnected for the first time in 32 years.

A decade ago, Taffy suffered a debilitating stroke but uses her percussion and piano training in her recovery, specifically for coordination and strength in her left arm. As a result, Taffy’s former professors are some of her heroes. Taffy will attend and participate in the drum circle, which Candace says “will be a real affirmation of the power of sound, music and drumming to heal the body and spirit.” Taffy regularly travels from Charlotte, N.C. to be part of special events at the bookstore. Candace said Taffy is especially excited to make this visit to see Stacey again after so many years and to be part of the drum circle, as she celebrates the 10th anniversary of her stroke survival along with the 25th Anniversary of Phoenix and Dragon Bookstore.


About Woodstock Percussion, Inc.: Woodstock Percussion, Inc., makers of Woodstock Chimes® and the Woodstock Music Collection®, is a leading manufacturer of precision-tuned windchimes, award-winning musical instruments and soothing home and garden décor. GRAMMY® recipient Garry Kvistad and his wife, Diane, created their first product over 30 years ago in New York’s Hudson Valley, where the company continues to design gifts and accessories using superior materials found around the world. The result is a unique collection of over 200 different products that bring joyful sounds to people of all ages. Popular collections include: Asli Arts®, Precious Stones, Woodstock Gongs, Inspirational Chimes, Temple Bells, Woodstock Rainbow MakersTM and, of course, its Classic Chimes.For more information on Woodstock Chimes®, visit or call (800) 422-4463.